Our People

andi syafrani

Andi Syafrani, SH, MCCL.

Born in Pontianak, 1978, Andi finished his master degree at Victoria University, Melbourne in 2008. Funded by Australian Development Scholarship (ADS), Andi took master of comparative commercial law at the university with specialization in corporate law supervised by Prof. Roman Tomasic and Prof. Andrew Clark. At the Victoria, Andi also took commercial law subjects including telecommunication law, international trade law, commercial legal drafting, comparative law, e-commerce, and Asian business law. He graduated from State Islamic Universuty (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta and Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta. He teaches Law at the UIN Jakarta.

Despite all business and constitutional cases, as other professional lawyers, Andi also handled many criminal cases, where these are a major and basic case in legal disputes.

Before working as professional lawyer, He worked as a political consultant at some political consultant offices such as Fox Indonesia, Charta Politika, Lembaga Survei Indonesia, and Uvolution Indonesia.


irfan zidni

H. Irfan Zidny, SH., S.Ag., M.Si.

Born in Jakarta 1978, Irfan finished his bachelor in law at Undar Jombang, East Java. While studying law in Undar, he also studied Islamic Law at Institut Keislaman Hasyim Asy’ari (IKAHA). In 2003, he continued his study, pursuing master degree at Indonesia University (UI). While lived in Jombang, he acted as public attorney at LBH Undar and has involved in various legal cases in courts. He takes specialization in family law, criminal law, Islamic banking law, Islamic Law, and ADR. Irfan also has short experience learning law in a Middle East Country.


rivaldi guci

Rivaldi Guci, SH.

Born in Payakumbuh 1984, Rivaldi finished his legal bachelor at Unisba, majoring in commercial law. He worked for some legal offices in Bandung and handled many cases especially Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and Family Law in Jakarta and West Java.



m ali fernandez

Muhammad Ali Fernandez, SHI., MH.

Fernandez finished his bachelor at Faculty of Syaria and Law, State Islamic University, Jakarta, 2009, majoring in criminal law.  He involved in many student organisations, and listed as one of initiators of the Islamic Student Institute for Study and Legal Aid Lembaga Kajian dan Bantuan Hukum Mahasiswa Islam (LKBHMI) in 2009. His professional carrier in Law began at Legal Aid Institution (LBH) of Jakarta. Then, He worked at various Legal Firms in Jakarta, and had been worked as legal officer in some companies.

Curently, He works as a partner at ZiA & Partners Law Firm and is taking graduate degree at School of Law, Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta, mastering Criminal Law.

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